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Welcome to the Secure, Safe,


Home of Epi-Scope, LLC

Welcome to the Secure, Safe,


Home of Epi-Scope, LLC

Welcome to the Secure, Safe,


Home of Epi-Scope, LLC

About Us

Epi-Scope focuses on providing safe, helpful, products that facilitate a healthy, non-toxic, pathogen free environment for people, plants, and animals which are all “Powered by Path-Away®.”

The company name Epi-Scope is derived from Koine Greek episkope. Episkope could well be translated guardian or overseer. One who was an episkope took responsibility for others, they watched over them and cared for them.

The mantra of Path-Away® is “Providing Organic-Based Science to Solve your Critical Problems.” Path-Away® Anti-Pathogenic Aerosol Solution greatly reduces or eliminates microbial contaminants in the air, water, or surface for industrial, commercial, and residential locations. Path-Away® provides optimum healthy indoor environment for homes, schools, factories, worship centers, office buildings, gymnasiums, etc.

Path-Away® is an organic, non-GMO anti-pathogen. It was developed to deal with mold, yeasts, bacteria, and viruses. Path-Away® contains absolutely no chemicals. It is totally natural. Path-Away® is biodegradable and safe for flora and fauna. It can be applied without concern for personal harm.

Path-Away® has begun to be productized for human, horticulture, and agricultural uses. Path-Away® has been integrated into a broad spectrum of products which are “Powered by Path-Away®.”

All products are manufactured in the United States with the highest quality and safety. We have stringent quality control standards to meet and exceed expectations set by current Good Manufacturing Practices.

Epi-Scope, LLC focuses on quality, premium ingredients, and customer satisfaction. In fact we see our clients, not merely as customers, but strategic partners.


EPA Exempt as per FIFRA 25(b)

Safe for flora and fauna


Contains FDA ingredients listed as GRAS

Certified Input for Organic

Certified Input for Non-GMO

Efficacy against Fungi/Bacteria/Yeasts/Viruses

No chemicals or alcohol

Non-staining, Non-bleaching

Totally water soluble and biodegradable

Approved by CDC, EPA, FDA, USDA, JAS, EU