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Epi-Scope offers Path-Away® a totally organic, non-GMO solution. Modern science often studies the design inherent in nature to develop new solutions for ancient and modern problems. Path-Away® leverages the wisdom found in nature. It is a plant based phytoceutical that provides protection against pathogens which impact cultivation of crops for human consumption. It can be applied directly to growing plants of all types: fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals to enhance their performance and protect them from pathogens without the use of any chemicals.

It also supports the health, growth, and well-being of poultry and livestockwithout the use of any chemicals.

Path-Away® is a scientifically blended formulation used to manage, and control soil and surface pathogens and parasites known to be harmful and detrimental to raising healthy, abundant crops and livestock.

Path-Away® naturally and organically controls poultry shed pathogens including fungals, yeasts, bacteria, and virus. It has reduced and/or eliminated the dependence upon chemical antibiotics or fungicides.

When used in a poultry application, scientifically formulated Path-Away® has reduced ammonia levels significantly and extended the life of grain feedstocks by reducing beetle infestation.

The livestock are now healthier, often up to 10% larger, and are totally organic increasing their value and providing consumers a natural, organic, non-GMO alternative meat source.

Often the supply chain for feed and bedding for equine and bovine livestock is contaminated by fungals such as Aspergillus. Applying Path-Away® results in reductions of 99.9999% of pathogens present. The reduction of pathogens in the environment allows horses and cattle to enjoy greater health and perhaps longevity.

A side benefit is that our Certified Organic, non-GMO product breaks down the VOC’s and produces near total elimination of offensive odors. The presence of insects is greatly diminished because the pheromones that attracted them are practically eliminated.