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Indoor Air Quality

Epi-Scope offers a complete solution for safely sanitizing homes, offices, schools, and other structures.

 Our Path-Away® liquid solution kills fungals, bacteria, and virus on contact, whether they are airborne, on surfaces, or in the HVAC system.

 Our protocol has three basic elements: Fogging, Post-Fogging Air Remediation, and Enhanced More Effective HVAC Air Filters.


The location needs to be fogged with our Epi-Scope Path-Away® liquid solution which contains a patented organic, non-GMO anti-pathogen. It contains no chemicals which are typically used as anti-pathogens. It kills fungals (mold), yeasts, bacteria, and virus. Indoor rooms, closets, cabinets are fogged with the HVAC system turned off.

The HVAC system is then turned on, the HVAC return filters are removed from the air returns. They are then liberally fogged. The goal is to have the anti-pathogenic Path-Away® fog reach the actual coil of the HVAC unit. Pathogens are killed on contact. A pathogen-free environment has now been created.

However, pathogens are often reintroduced into the indoor environment from the outside environment. They are brought back indoors by people, animals, cloth and paper containers, and open windows and doors. To lessen the opportunity for pathogens to be released into the air, a 24 x 7 solution is required.

Post-Fogging Air Remediation

We provide and recommend the use of local air cleaning dispensers which are filled with our Epi-Scope Path-Away® liquid solution. They put a constant protective mist, which is invisible and odorless, into the air to provide continual 24 x 7 safety. They run on D-cell batteries and have a small container which needs to be filled with Path-Away® liquid solution. The liquid evaporates over time and needs to be replenished regularly. The batteries also run down and need to be replaced.

The frequency is dependent upon the location. Somewhere between 4-6 weeks is normal. It depends upon the temperature, humidity, and airflow. Each unit covers approximately a 12 x 12 area. Larger areas would require more than one.

For larger structures, we have additional solutions that attach directly to the HVAC system. Path-Away® liquid solution is centrally distributed on a 24 x 7 basis. The liquid will need to be replenished on a regular basis as it evaporates and is circulated through the ductwork.

Enhanced More Effective HVAC Air Filters.

We offer unique HVAC filters that fit standard size air returns. They are multilayered and filter all airborne material down to .003 a micron. This is a very significant factor because it is the approximate size of many pathogens, particularly mold spores. Thus, most airborne particles are trapped by the filters. These filters prevent pathogens, particularly mold spores, living or dead, from returning to the HVAC coil. Therefore new mold colonies are not formed within the air handler. The filters need to be replaced every 3 to 6 months, depending on location and usage.

There are two additional options to consider:
HEPA Air Filters

For particular areas of concern, HEPA air filters are recommended. There are many excellent brands available.

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers of all sizes and types are available. Most hand sanitizers use chemicals and/or alcohol. They sometimes tend to dry and irritate skin.

We offer a hand sanitizers which contain organic, non-GMO Path-Away® liquid solution (2 fl. oz.). Path-Away® does not dry the skin. It is effective and safe enough to swallow. However, internal usage is not recommended.