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Sanitize Decontaminate

Path-Away® is used to sanitize and decontaminate clothing, fabrics, tapestries, rugs, embroideries, needlepoint, etc. Pathogens are frequently airborne or found on the surface of various materials. Pathogens are repeatedly brought indoors from outdoors through open doorways and windows, and by people, and animals. Often, personal items are kept where they become contaminated: closets, furniture, libraries, basements, crawlspaces, attics, etc.

In the 21st century, due to the global pandemic reaching pretty much every corner of the earth, people are more concerned than ever with safe and secure environments. Environmental stewardship, protecting the planet, and building a more sustainable future is a primary concern. Path-Away® leverages nature itself, eliminates pathogens without chemicals.

Items that are used in the production and shipping of textiles such as cotton, string, fabric, pallets, and shipping containers are frequently contaminated by airborne and surface pathogens. Path-Away® eliminates them.

The global textile industry is frequently a victim of pathogens creating tremendous financial losses. One RMG, Ready Made Goods manufacturer, who will remain unnamed at the client’s request, is one of many examples.

Many of the containers when received from overseas were contaminated by fungals. Many portions of the supply chain contributed to the overall problem. Even the wood from the pallets and the shipping containers were contaminated with pathogens. A comprehensive protocol using Path-Away® was developed to totally eliminate pathogens in the supply chain. The client realized a savings in lost goods of approximately US $2.5 million the first year the new protocol was implemented.

Many shoppers return or exchange merchandise. How can such merchandise be sanitized and made safe for resale? Path-Away® provides a highly effective solution.

All returned or exchanged items can be placed into a near airtight container such as a clear plastic “portable” closet, with or without a rack for hanging clothes. The sealable plastic flaps are zipped shut. Path-Away® is used to fog the contents for 2-5 minutes. Wherever the fog goes, the pathogens are killed. Where the fog cannot reach some surfaces or crevices, placing some of the items in different positions or turning them inside out will provide a complete solution.