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Epi-Scope offers a complete solution for safely sanitizing cars, trucks, ambulances, ships, and aircraft.

Our Path-Away® liquid solution kills fungals, bacteria, and virus on contact, whether they are airborne, on surfaces, or in the HVAC system.

First, the inside of the transportation vehicle needs to be fogged with our Epi-Scope Path-Away® liquid solution which contains a patented organic, non-GMO, anti-pathogen. It contains no chemicals typically used as anti-pathogens. It kills fungals (mold), yeasts, bacteria, and virus. Initial fogging should be done with the HVAC system turned off.

 The HVAC system is then turned on, and the vehicle fogged again. This penetrates the HVAC system and clears out any pathogens lurking within. The entire process takes 2 – 5 minutes per vehicle depending upon the size.

For vehicles such as ambulances, to maintain a sanitized and safe environment, this process should be repeated after each use if pathogens are suspected.

Also, post-fogging air remediation should be considered where appropriate.

We provide and recommend the use of local air cleaning dispensers which are filled with our Epi-Scope Path-Away® liquid solution. They put a constant protective mist which is invisible and odorless into the air to provide continual 24 x 7 safety. They run on D-cell batteries and have a small container which needs to be filled with Path-Away® liquid solution. The liquid evaporates over time and needs to be replenished regularly. The batteries also run down and need to be replaced.

The frequency is dependent upon the location. Somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks is normal. It depends upon the temperature, humidity, and airflow. Each unit covers approximately a 12 x 12 area. Larger areas would require more than one.

For larger vehicles, yachts, or ships, we have additional options available that attach directly to the HVAC system. Path-Away® liquid solution is centrally distributed on a 24 x 7 basis. The liquid will need to be replenished on a regular basis as it evaporates and is circulated through the ductwork.